The Best Valentine's Day Gifts Picked by an Editor

Most Wanted is a weekly series in which an editor, staff member or influencer shares their 30 must-haves or the items on their current wishlist.

Valentine’s day is so close you can almost touch it, and that’s how the hunt for the perfect gift begins. Now no matter if you’re single, spoken or anywhere in between, you deserve to celebrate the holiday of love with a little to treat. But where to start ?

Millions of people fall into the rut of cliché gifts: a box of chocolates, roses or (dare I say it?) a candle. However, as someone whose job is to shop, I’m a big believer in practical gifts. Who doesn’t love a cashmere sweater they can wear for years or a personalized gold bracelet? Keep scrolling through the 30 Valentine’s Day gifts I recommend checking out.

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