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Computer classes for Gen Z are no longer up to snuff. From a report: More than a third (37%) of Gen Zers feel that their school education didn’t prepare them with the digital skills they need to propel their careers, according to Dell Technologies’ global survey of more than 15,000 adults aged 18-26 in 15 countries. A majority (56%) of this generation added that they had very little or no training in digital skills. All of this has led to some justified skepticism about the future of work: many Gen Zers don’t know what the digital economy will look like, and 33% have little or no confidence that government investments in a digital future will be successful in 10 years. Forty-four percent think schools and businesses should work together to close the digital skills gap. The findings support previous research that found nearly half of the Class of 2022 felt the top skill they were unprepared for was technical skills.

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