HS women's basketball team's season is over after 22-year-old coach impersonates 13-year-old

A high school girls’ basketball program, both varsity and JV, ended its season after discovering that a 22-year-old assistant coach impersonated a 13-year-old during a game last week, according to USA Today.

Arlisha Boykins, who works for Churchland High School in Portsmouth, Va., reportedly made the JV squad on January 21 against Nansemond River while one of her players was out of town for a club tournament .

Following the discovery of the ruse and the ensuing investigation, a spokesman for Portsmouth Public Schools reportedly said the JV and Varsity Girls teams had decided against continuing their seasons after a meeting between officials of Churchland and their parents.

Boykins would not be employed by the school system since January 25. According to Norfolk’s WAVY-TV, the head coaches of the university and the JV have been fired.

You can see some of Boykins’ “highlights” in the video below.

The impersonated 13-year-old’s parents were understandably unhappy with the situation and told WAVY-TV that their daughter will not be attending Churchland High School:

“Coaches always preach integrity and that kind of stuff to kids, so I was just shocked,” the 13-year-old’s father said.

Arlisha Boykins, 22, got into trouble last week. (Getty Pictures)

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