Video of a tornado in Pasadena TX today: A woman drives through the storm in an SUV, filmed

PASADENA, Texas — A massive volunteer effort is underway near Houston, Texas to clear debris from last week’s tornadoes.

Many of those helping out are high school students whose school has remained closed since the powerful EF-3 tornado.

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Among the heavily damaged buildings is a roller skating rink that has been a popular meeting place for generations.

Despite a wide swath of damage in several Houston suburbs, no fatalities were reported from the tornado.

Meanwhile, a woman had to ride through a tornado in Pasadena.

Dashcam video showed the fierce winds. The woman inside had just picked up her grandson from school when the storm got worse.

As the tornado got closer, she began to pray.

“I just looked around. There was nowhere we could go, so I just parked the car. I put my emergency brake on,” Irma Cantu said. “I could feel objects hitting my car repeatedly. It was terrifying.”

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In the end, everyone was OK. But, the woman’s SUV has a lot of damage.

His advice to others is to heed weather warnings when they are issued.

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