Minnesota Vikings v Cincinnati Bengals

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Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow was asked on Friday if he finds it surreal to be playing his second AFC championship game already in his third NFL season. He told her it was normal.

“I wouldn’t say it’s surreal. I would say the win is expected,” Burrow said, via WLWT.

Burrow acknowledged that many outside the organization wouldn’t have expected it: They were 2-14 in Zac Taylor’s first season in 2019, which allowed them to pick Burrow first overall. 2020 NFL Draft. Then they went 4-11-1 in Burrow’s rookie year, before making it to the Super Bowl in Burrow’s sophomore season and now getting one game away from the Super Bowl in Burrow’s third season.

“I think if you had told people we were going to be in this place a few years ago, I think people would say we were crazy, but we trusted the process, trusted the organization and the front office and put together a great team and great people and got us to this point,” Burrow said.

Burrow undeniably expects to win tomorrow in Kansas City and earn his second straight Super Bowl ticket.

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