3 Teams Who Can Actually Trade For Chargers' Keenan Allen

The Chicago Bears have the most cap space in the league this offseason and are certainly looking to use it to max out Justin Fields. Not only do the Bears have excess cap space, but the team also has the first overall pick they can use straight up or exploit in more picks.

The no. One thing this team needs are pass catchers for Fields and while they have the means to acquire players, there aren’t many good options available. The free agent class isn’t great and the draft class is the worst it’s been (in terms of receiver) in a few years.

Chicago still likely needs to sign a young receiver in the second or third round to help build a full room, but trading for a veteran like Allen is certainly on the table. The Chase Claypool trade may not have been great for the Bears, but it showed they were willing to make a trade.

The Chargers and Bears have a rapport, making two separate trades last year (one for Khalil Mack, one being essentially a draft pick trade). Not only does Chicago have an additional fourth-round pick, but the team also has two additional fifth-round picks.

However, Chicago may have their eyes set on a bigger prize. DeAndre Hopkins is a name to watch in the trade market and Chicago is in the best position to negotiate for him. Hopkins is the biggest prize, but Allen could be a great backup plan.

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