Nevada Cannabis Compliance Board suspends North Las Vegas license citing 'public health threat'

LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) — The Nevada Cannabis Compliance Board held an emergency meeting on Tuesday to suspend the license of Helping Hands Wellness Center in North Las Vegas.

The council said it was the result of a months-long investigation and several on-site inspections. Agents discovered in December that Helping Hands employees concealed and intended to “divert cannabis and cannabis products, in addition to other significant security breaches.”

During a follow-up inspection in January, officers found untagged plants at the facility that could not be traced to the state’s seed-for-sale tracking system. According to the CCB, plants that cannot be traced could lead to untested cannabis products entering the illicit market.

The suspension was issued by the CCB “invoking a current threat to public health and safety”.

The suspension is the first issued in 2023. Helping Hands will need to submit a remediation plan to the board for approval before the suspension can be lifted.

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