Nighttime shooting in Yakima, Washington, leaves 3 dead, suspect on the run


At least three people have died following an overnight shooting in Yakima, Wash., according to Yakima Police Chief Matt Murray.

Murray said the suspect remains at large and they are working on “solid leads”.

“He’s a dangerous person and it’s random, so there’s a danger to the community,” Murray said. “We don’t have a motive and we don’t know why.”

Speaking to CNN on Tuesday, Murray said the suspect walked into the ARCO/ampm gas station and “attempted to enter the lobby” but discovered the doors were locked.

“He then walked across the street to Circle K,” Murray said. “As he walks into the store he pulls out his gun and there are two people getting food and he shoots them.” Both people died, Murray said.

The suspect then exited the store and shot another person, who also died.

Murray said the suspect walked back across the street to the ARCO/ampm gas station, shot into a car and drove off.

Police have not confirmed who owns the car, but believe it may be the suspect. His identity and whereabouts are unknown at this time.

“It seems like a random situation,” Murray said. “There was no apparent conflict between the parties – the man just walked in and started shooting.”

Murray said his department has video of the scene and will release photos of the unknown suspect shortly.

“We’re working on leads and now have strong leads,” Murray told CNN.

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