How much snow is coming Wednesday – NBC Boston

One less, one more to go. But at least we’ll have a break on Tuesday. In fact, it’s the brightest day we’ve seen in over a week! The sun should help us get well above the melting point in the afternoon, as we get back into the 40s in most places. On Tuesday evening, colder air will set in – just as the next storm to roll out of the southern plains will target New England.

Wednesday morning’s ride should see steel gray overcast with some possible flakes by mid-morning. The snow is spreading in the late morning and early afternoon in all areas, even on Cape Cod. This initial snow bump will be significant in some cases as road conditions and travel descend rapidly.

All told, a solid 3 to 5 inches is possible (with most spots at the bottom of that range) and 1 to 3 along the coast.

While this snow flurry is significant, the warmer air will also quickly seep into the area, bringing rain throughout the night as temperatures rise. Gusty winds are expected in southeastern Massachusetts — particularly the Cape and the islands — with this balmy air moving late overnight and into very early Thursday morning.

Most of the storm is expected to be out of place Thursday morning, but the heat persists. Highs are expected to reach 50 in some places, 40 in others when the winds shift back to the west. We will briefly turn colder on Friday, with highs reaching 40 this weekend. The pattern should ease early next week, but there could be more storms to come mid-week.

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