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Less than a week after Eisai and Biogen won fast-track FDA approval for their Alzheimer’s disease drug lecanemab, editor Drew Armstrong spoke one-on-one with Eisai’s US CEO, Ivan Cheung, who also leads the company’s efforts against Alzheimer’s disease. This transcript has been edited for brevity and clarity.

Drew Armstrong:

Welcome everyone. I’m Drew Armstrong, Managing Editor at Endpoints News, and I’m exceptionally pleased to be joined by Ivan Cheung from Eisai. He runs the American business and oversees the Alzheimer’s program there. Obviously, you all had huge news last week with the accelerated approval of Lecanemab, and congratulations on that. This is obviously a great moment for the field, a great moment for your company. I want to speak directly because we have 30 minutes and so much to cover. I’m incredibly excited to have this chance to talk to you. Now that I’m in San Francisco, you’re in New Jersey. I’m sorry we can’t be together in person, but tons of news from you all. You got this fast-track approval.

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