Afternoon update: widespread frost ahead of a sunnier Tuesday


Morning showers left most of the region by midday, with sun and wind taking over in their wake. Gusts of around 40 mph this afternoon helped give temperatures a bit more bite to highs in the mid to above 40s. Those winds are easing tonight and not as strong on Tuesday. Otherwise, the conditions are rather seasonal.

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Until tonight : A few clouds will persist into the evening, but the sky will be clearer overnight. Seasonally cool temperatures will be the rule, with lows in the upper 20s and lower 30s. The winds decrease throughout the night but remain gusty in the evening.

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Tomorrow (Tuesday): It will be a mix of clouds and sun as a few gusts remain. It won’t be as windy as today, with northwesterly breezes around 10-15 mph and occasional gusts of 30 mph. Highs will be mostly in the mid 40s to around 50s.

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Leaving mid-winter: Washington’s average daily temperature is now on the rise. After spending the last five days with a daily average of 37 degrees, we are down to 37.1 degrees today. Low temperature averages remain at their low of 29.5 degrees until the 26th before also increasing.

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