Ukrainian armed forces rammed a Russian boat during an attempt to land a sabotage and reconnaissance group on an island in the Dnipro

The Ukrainian Armed Forces hit a light civilian boat on the Dnipro River, which the occupiers expropriated and equipped for military purposes.

Source: press center Operational Command Pivden (South); report of the Joint Press Center for Ukrainian Defense Forces on the Tavriya Front

Details: It is reported that during the hostile sabotage and reconnaissance group’s attempt to land on one of the so-called Potemkin Islands on the Dnipro River near Kherson, the Ukrainian armed forces hit a light civilian boat, which the occupants suitable and equipped for military purposes.

Estimate: “The occupiers do not understand that everything they arrange for a ‘Russian warship’ will be sent by the Ukrainian fighters by a one way known to all [a pun based on ‘Russian warship, go f*** yourself’, the famous reply of a Ukrainian Border Guard when Russians ordered his garrison to surrender]”.

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