Pound Sterling: Bank of England says it won't hesitate to raise interest rates

BBC Radio 5 Live callers expressed mixed views during a discussion on whether or not Nadhim Zahawi should be sacked as Conservative Party chairman.

Speaking to Nicky Campbell, Kelly at Wimbledon said Zahawi and Prime Minister Rishi Sunak should “step down from office”. He added: “As a nation, we have lost our pride. We don’t care anymore.

Chris in Bognor Regis describes the government as untrustworthy.

Referring to a variety of scandals, he said: ‘The fact that we had parties, tax cases, pornography in parliament and then the seatbelt last week. This will stay with us until the next election to find out if we trust the people in power.

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But, there were also callers who defended Zahawi – including Sunil of Cambridge which encouraged people to move on.

He said: “I would rather spend more time and energy on the cost of living crisis than Nadhim Zahawi’s tax returns.”

Another auditor named Daphne agreed: “We have much bigger issues to deal with.

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