Live updates from Monterey Park mass shooting: Shooter left to reload, survivor says

Shally was dancing the jive with her longtime dance partner on Saturday night when a gunman entered the studio and opened fire.

“We’re going to hide under the table,” recalls Shally, who only provided her first name, during an interview with Los Angeles ABC Station KABC. “I think [my partner] had already been shot but not realized yet.”

Shally said she saw the shooter go for more bullets. When he returned, he reloaded the gun and opened fire again, she said.

“I said, ‘Lie down.’ We all lay down,” Sally told KABC.

Shally said the shooter then fled the scene and she turned to her partner, who she realized was unconscious. She tried to wake him up but then saw his hands were covered in blood, she said.

“I thought I was shot too,” she told KABC.

Shally said she then realized her partner had been shot in the back and the blood on his hands was hers, since they stood in fear while hiding under the table.

“‘Wake up, wake up,'” she recalled telling her partner. “He was dead.”

Shally, who wouldn’t share her dance partner’s name, said he was a good friend and they had danced together every week for around 10 years. She described him as a 62-year-old Asian man who had no family and said he was also friends with her husband, whom she married a few years ago.

“He’s a nice guy,” she told KABC of her dance partner. “We like to dance.”

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