Lakers loss raises specter of Trail Blazers trade deadline

In the minutes following the Portland Trail Blazers’ disappointing loss to the Los Angeles Lakers tonight, Kevin O’Connor of The Ringer asked a pertinent question.

With two and a half weeks until the deadline, Blazers general manager Joe Cronin will have to decide how the franchise will end the season while preparing for future campaigns.

Tonight’s loss swapped the Blazers and Lakers in the Western Conference standings, with Portland now sitting 13th – the conference’s third-worst record.

O’Connor’s question now becomes the most pressing. Are the Blazers trying to buy and move up the rankings, sell and try out young plays and draft picks or stick with their current team or hope things improve?

Could there be a roster change in prospect, could the minutes go up and down and could the places in the rotation become untenable? The Blazers have the chance to make amends tomorrow night at the Moda Center against the San Antonio Spurs, who currently sit one spot below Portland in the standings.

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