Inside our $10,000 concierge suite on the Disney cruise - what it looked like

Overall, we have no regrets and were happy with our choice to book a concierge.

If you’re considering trying a concierge and you’re comfortable spending the money, consider whether you’ll take advantage of the benefits.

Jill Robbins

Has our concierge experience ruined us forever? Yes and no.

I can’t afford to book concierge service for every future cruise and part of me wishes I didn’t know what I was missing. I was perfectly happy in an inside cabin and I’m sure I still would be.

Still, our family’s fun was worth it.

If you count every drink, smoothie, and bucket of popcorn and expect it to approximate the difference between non-concierge and concierge, it won’t. That said, we certainly enjoyed the open bar.

It wasn’t just one thing that stood out to make the Concierge on the Disney Cruise exceptional, but rather the combination of everything working together to elevate our experience. We felt really special.

We would consider splurging again, but it’s worth noting that concierge prices vary by route and length of cruise. If you want to dive into the experience, it’s worth doing the research and making sure you’ll actually experience the benefits.

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