Lacey's Monday Outdoor Forecast

Monday is quiet! Cold out the door with highs in the 40s later in the day.

Tomorrow, early precipitation arrives from the southwest. That’s a wonderful humidity setup for Oklahoma! Arctic air is NOT in place, so it won’t be particularly cold.

Chance of precipitation Tuesday morning.

Precipitation will fall all day tomorrow and end early Wednesday morning.

Chance of precipitation Tuesday afternoon.

We’ll be flirting with freezing for a while and might see quite a bit of melting initially.

Chances of precipitation Tuesday evening.

Cold enough for the snow to stick and for slippery roads as the day progresses. The roads are getting worse in the day tomorrow.Future snow totals in central Oklahoma.

As we enter the evening, the traffic lessens and the temperatures drop, the roads become snowy!

Future snow totals across the state.

Our trackers will be out, and we’ll keep you posted. Remember that these totals can and will still change some. Stay tuned all day.

Weather forecast for Tuesday.

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