The 49ers' Levi's Stadium features a burger with the nickname Purdy's PG-13

And now, even Levi’s Stadium can’t deny the “BCB” fever.

Levi’s BNY Mellon Club West, an upscale club located 50 yards behind the 49ers sideline at field level, will serve a “BCB Burger” during the Niners’ NFC Division game against the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday. . It includes bacon, American cheese, teriyaki mayonnaise, breaded fried onions and hoison barbecue sauce. Confusingly, there is no egg or chicken on the burger.

The final pick of the 2022 draft, Purdy earned the moniker with a rookie, ahem, ballsy season for the Niners. His 107.3 passer rating led all quarterbacks with at least 150 dropouts during the regular season, and he continued that electric play in San Francisco’s playoff opener against the Seahawks, finishing with 348 total yards (332 passing, 16 rushing) and four touchdowns (three passing, one rushing). He became the lowest drafted rookie quarterback to start and win a playoff game.

Only four rookies have reached a conference championship game: Mark Sanchez, Joe Flacco, Ben Roethlisberger and Shaun King. Purdy will look to join that small group when the Niners host the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday at 3:30 p.m.

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