Scarbinsky: Alabama is not a basketball school.  We are a basketball state.

Is Alabama a basketball school? They ask this question from time to time, and it’s never clear if the investigation is entirely serious given that the university has employed both Paul Bryant and Nick Saban, but Nate Oats is frankly playing it. He says it’s not a choice proposition. Alabama is a championship school, and basketball is just trying to do its part.

Good response from the coach of the best college basketball team in the country right now, no matter what the polls or the metrics spit.

Is Alabama a basketball school? You could make your case after the Crimson Tide added a quality 85-64 road win Saturday at Missouri, their 17th win in 19 starts, their eighth straight win, their seventh in seven SEC games, each by a margin double digit final. .

With No. 2 Kansas losing twice last week, Alabama will drop from No. 4 in both polls to No. 3 on at least Monday. Moving up to No. 1 seems to be a matter of when, not if. When that happens, it will be the story that spans the state’s other SEC program.

Alabama was No. 1 once, in December 2002. So was Auburn, last year. Which means if the Tide can skip Houston, which it’s already beaten, and Purdue, Alabama and Auburn will have reached the No. 1 ranking in consecutive seasons after winning the last two regular season championships from the SEC.

So is Alabama a basketball school? Good question. Here is a bigger and better more applicable at the moment. Is Alabama a basketball state?

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