First Daytime Weather Alert issued for Wednesday January 25

A storm system arriving on Wednesday could have widespread impacts on travel in the region.

STILL 4 DAYS AWAY – The path this low pressure system will take is still uncertain, and it will impact the amount of snowfall northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan will receive. If low tracks from Cincinnati to Cleveland (at this time the most likely track) we will be on the northwest side of the rain/snow line, and that would maximize our snow potential with several inches of drop, possibly more . If this low heads more SE we could be cut off by the northern edge and that would give us lighter snow totals. On the other hand, if this low heads further northwest, then the warmer air will push north, allowing more of the precipitation to fall as rain…thus reducing our totals. of snow.

TIMETABLE – Snow will likely arrive before sunrise on Wednesday and will continue to fall throughout the day. It can drop heavily for much of the day, and when you combine that with winds blowing at 30-40 mph, the roads can become slippery and difficult to navigate… exacerbated by the wind and drifting snow that grave. The snowfall will gradually ease Wednesday evening, then a few lingering snow showers are expected Thursday. The blowing and drifting will likely continue through Thursday as well. If the rain manages to mix in during the day on Wednesday, it would reduce potential snow totals and the snow’s ability to blow and drift, but slush conditions would still create difficult travel conditions.

First Daytime Weather Alert issued for Wednesday January 25(Derek Witt)

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