Ukrainian army destroys 16 Russian tanks and kills 64 invaders on the southern front

Ukrainian artillery and rocket units carry out 550 fire missions on enemy targets

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The Ukrainian Air Force inflicted nine airstrikes on enemy positions during the day of October 1. Ukrainian artillery and rocket units carried out 550 fire missions, the command said.

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In just one day, Ukrainian defenders eliminated:

  • 64 Russian invaders;

  • an ammunition depot;

  • two Msta-S self-propelled howitzers;

  • two anti-tank missile systems;

  • 16 tanks;

  • 11 armored vehicles.

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At the same time, the Russian invaders launched seven airstrikes on Ukrainian Armed Forces positions and used multiple rocket launcher systems to hit the Nikopol district.

The Russians also fired on the town of Ochakiv twice a day, using a 120 mm mortar and a Grad multiple rocket launcher.

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